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The Nehemiah Award Honors Men and Women of God, with a vision who dedicated their life to building The Church, and transforming lives through The Gospel of Jesus Christ.


General Overseer Craig L. Oliver, Sr. & 1st Lady Chi’lra Oliver

Elizabeth Baptist Church


Bishop Stephen B. Hall & Co Pastor Vanessa Hall

The Rhema Nation Church


Dr Jonathan C. Carter & Co-Pastor Dr Sylvia D. Carter

Siloam Church International


Bishop William Murphy III and Co-Pastor Danielle Murphy

The dReam Center Church of Atlanta


Denise Holmes, Attorney & Counselor at Law P.C.

Title Sponsor & Honoree Presenter


Dr Kerwin B. Lee & 1st Lady Yolanda T. Lee

Berean Christian Church (3)

Home of The Inaugural Steeple Awards

3695 Roosevelt Hwy Atlanta GA 30349


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chanIf you listen to any soldier laboring in God’s vineyard, you will hear stories about the cost of their anointing and the breaking, purging and mending process that each minister went through as they learned to trust God with their lives.  The heart of a minister comes at an extreme cost that causes many of them to question their calling. Too many times, the lives of those who stand on the frontline in the battle for souls are overlooked and taken for granted. Those onlookers who are blessed to experience the ministry are afforded the opportunity to see the fruit of countless, sleepless nights filled with tears and prayers for the souls encountered in ministry; while being unexposed to the many hours and even days away from family and loved ones. This call is as true for the Pastors as it is for the Psalmists who labor before the Lord for a spoken or sung Word that pricks the hearts of the lost.

The Steeple Awards, Gospel music’s newest award show, acknowledges Pastors and Psalmists on all levels. Pastors of mega churches and pastors of smaller ministries are acknowledged together for their great Kingdom work in the community and saving sin-sick souls. Signed, mainstream artists and unsigned, independent artists are honored together for their ministry contributions to the gospel music industry and to the world.  In today’s climate of purchasing acknowledgements, we promise that every artist who is known for their ministry commitment in honoring Christ will have their hard work acknowledged without the encumberment of nepotism or favoritism.  Pastors and artists are nominated by their congregants, support teams and those who love their ministries. Once nominations are received, the Steeple Award nominations committee researches each nominee by attending services and events, reviewing social media and participating during community service activities.

~ C. Chandon Carter, Founder

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